Module Description

Implements XEP-0030: Service Discovery. The module itself provides only the essential disco interface, the actual capabilities announced by Service Discovery are gathered via executing a fold-type hook.


  • iqdisc (default: one_queue)
  • extra_domains (list of binaries, default: []): Adds domains that are not registered with other means to a local item announcement (response to IQ get). Please note that mod_disco doesn't verify these domains, so if no handlers are registered later for them, a client will receive a service-unavailable error for every stanza sent to one of these hosts.
  • server_info (list of tuples {[Module] | all, Name, [URL]}, default: []): Adds extra disco information to all or chosen modules. Example: {server_info, [{all, "abuse-address", [""]}, {[mod_muc, mod_disco], "friendly-spirits", ["spirit1@localhost", "spirit2@localhost"]}]}. New fields will be added in a manner compliant with XEP-0157.

Example Configuration

{mod_disco, []}