Module Description

This module implements XEP-0357: Push Notifications. It enables a service that notifies PubSub of user's choice about every message that he could miss while being offline. There are two control stanzas that client may send to this module: enable and disable. enable stanza enables push notifications and forwards them to specified PubSub node. This stanza also may contain optional Data Form that will be added to each and every notification to PubSub node as publish-options. Please be sure to provide all form fields that are required by specified PubSub node. Any publish error may result in disabling push notifications to this node.


  • backend (atom, default: mnesia) - Backend to use for storing registrations. Currently only mnesia may be used.
  • wpool (list, default: []) - List of options that will be passed to worker_pool library that handles all the requests. Please refer to Project Site for more details.
  • plugin_module (atom, default: mod_push_plugin_default) - Plugin module that implements some dynamic configurations. Currently this module allow configuration of parsing message sender id and can filter messages that shall not be published to PubSub node.

Example configuration

{mod_push, [
    {backend, mnesia},
    {wpool, [{workers, 200}]},
    {plugin_module, mod_push_plugin_default}