Module Description

This module implements XEP-0357: Push Notifications. It enables a service that notifies PubSub of a user's choice about every message that he could miss while being offline. There are two control stanzas that the client may send to this module: enable and disable. The enable stanza enables push notifications and forwards them to a specified PubSub node. This stanza may also contain an optional Data Form that will be added to each and every notification to PubSub node as publish-options. Please be sure to provide all form fields required by the specified PubSub node. Any publish error may result in disabling push notifications to this node.


  • backend (atom, default: mnesia) - Backend to use for storing the registrations. Currently only mnesia may be used.
  • wpool (list, default: []) - List of options that will be passed to the worker_pool library that handles all the requests. Please refer to the Project Site for more details.
  • plugin_module (atom, default: mod_push_plugin_default) - Plugin module that implements a dynamic configuration. Currently this module allows configuring the parsing message sender id and can filter messages that shall not be published to the PubSub node.

Example configuration

{mod_push, [
    {backend, mnesia},
    {wpool, [{workers, 200}]},
    {plugin_module, mod_push_plugin_default}