Module Description

This module implements XEP-0077: In-Band Registration, allowing users to register accounts on the server via XMPP. Use of this module on Internet-facing servers is not recommended.


  • iqdisc
  • access (atom, default: all): Defines which ACL should be used for checking if a chosen username is allowed for registration.
  • welcome_message ({Subject :: string(), Body :: string()}, default: {"", ""}): Body and subject of a <message> stanza sent to new users.
  • registration_watchers (list of binaries, default: []): List of JIDs, which should receive a <message> notification about every successful registration.
  • access_from (atom, default: none): Allow registrations from existing C2S connections or S2S, that match specified ACL. Use with caution!
  • password_strength (non-negative integer, default: 0): Specifies minimal entropy of allowed password. Entropy is measured with ejabberd_auth:entropy/1. Recommended minimum is 32.
  • ip_access (list of {deny|allow, StringIP|StringSubnet, default:[]`): Access list for specified IPs or networks. Default value allows registration from every IP.

Example configuration

Allow registrations from localhost:

{mod_register, [{allow, ""}]} 

Deny registration from network with mask

{mod_register, [{deny, ""}]}