This authentication method allows the users to connect anonymously.

Configuration options


  • Syntax: boolean
  • Default: false
  • Example: allow_multiple_connections = true

When set to true, allows multiple connections from the same JID using the anonymous authentication method.


  • Syntax: string, one of "sasl_anon", "login_anon", "both"
  • Default: sasl_anon
  • Example: anonymous_protocol = "both"

Specifies the SASL mechanisms supported by the anonymous authentication method:

  • sasl_anon - support only the the ANONYMOUS mechanism,
  • login_anon - support the non-anonymous mechanisms (PLAIN, DIGEST-MD5, SCRAM-*),
  • both - support both types of mechanisms.


  methods = ["anonymous"]

    allow_multiple_connections = true
    anonymous_protocol = "both"