Module description

This module provides a presence-based mechanism for exchanging information about entity capabilities as defined in XEP-0115: Entity Capabilities. Additionally, it filters out PEP messages that the recipient declared (in announced caps) being not capable of handling. It is not this module's responsibility to intercept and answer disco requests routed between clients.


This module expects two optional arguments that apply to cache tab:


  • Syntax: non-negative integer
  • Default: 1000
  • Example: cache_size = 2000

The size of a cache_tab (the amount of entries) holding the information about capabilities of each user.


  • Syntax: non-negative integer or the string "infinity"
  • Default: 86
  • Example: cache_life_time = 30

Time (in seconds) after which entries will be removed.

Example Configuration

  cache_size = 2000
  cache_life_time = 86