Module Description

This module implements XMPP Ping functionality as described in XEP-0199: XMPP Ping.



  • Syntax: boolean
  • Default: false
  • Example: send_pings = true

If set to true, the server will send ping iqs to the client if they are not active for a ping_interval.


  • Syntax: positive integer
  • Default: 60
  • Example: ping_interval = 30

Defines the client inactivity timeout after which the server will send a ping request if the above option is set to true.


  • Syntax: string, one of "none", "kill"
  • Default: "none"
  • Example: timeout_action = "kill"

Defines if the client connection should be closed if it doesn't reply to a ping request in less than ping_req_timeout.


  • Syntax: positive integer
  • Default: 32
  • Example: ping_req_timeout = 60

Defines how long the server waits for the client to reply to the ping request.


  • Syntax: string, one of "one_queue", "no_queue", "queues", "parallel"
  • Default: "no_queue"

Strategy to handle incoming stanzas. For details, please refer to IQ processing policies.

Example Configuration

  send_pings = true
  ping_interval = 60
  timeout_action = "none"
  ping_req_timeout = 32


If you'd like to learn more about metrics in MongooseIM, please visit MongooseIM metrics page.

Name Type Description (when it gets incremented)
[Host, mod_ping, ping_response] spiral Client responds to a ping.
[Host, mod_ping, ping_response_timeout] spiral Ping request timeouts without a response from client.
[Host, mod_ping, ping_response_time] histogram Response times (doesn't include timeouts).