mongooseimctl subcommands for configuration reloading are:

mongooseimctl reload_local

mongooseimctl reload_cluster

mongooseimctl reload_cluster_dryrun

reload_local is unsafe as it reloads the configuration only on the local node. This might introduce inconsistencies between different nodes in the cluster. It's available as a safety mechanism for the rare case of a cluster-global reload failing.

reload_cluster applies the configuration on all nodes in the cluster. The prerequisite is that the same version of a config file must be available on all nodes. All nodes in a cluster must have the same config loaded into memory as well. There is a small exception from this rule, see "Node-specific options" below on this page.

reload_cluster_dryrun calculates and prints config changes, but does not apply them. Useful for debugging.

Non-reloadable options

Some options require restarting the server in order to be reloaded. The following options' changes will be ignored when using mongooseimctl tool:

  • s2s.*
  • general.all_metrics_are_global
  • *.rdbms.*

Node-specific options

This option is deprecated and not available when using a config file in the TOML format.

For the documentation of this option for the cfg config format please refer to the MIM 3.7.1 documentation or older.